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Data Analysis Services


Data Analysis Services

Data analysis services allow businesses to get their data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution.
With many years of experience in data analytics, Datapro is a reliable outsourcing partner for companies that want to gain quick, frequent and flexible analytical insights out of their data.

What you get with Data Analysis Services By Datapro

For you to get a quick understanding of the story behind your data, Datapro delivers analysis results in the form of:

PowerPoint or PDF presentations
– Visualization with charts and graphs.
– Highlights of important facts and trends.

Excel or Google Sheets tables
– Pivot tables for each analyzed aspect.
– Visualization with charts and graphs.
– Possibility to drill down, pivot and filter data to get additional insights.

Power BI reports and dashboards
– Seeing the entire area of interest on one screen (e.g., sales dashboard).
– Reports and charts with detailed information.
– Possibility to drill down, pivot and filter data for deeper analysis.
– Live data analysis.

Why Choose Datapro As your Data Analysis Company
– Our expert have 20 years of experience in data analytics.
– 15 years of experience in rendering data warehouse services, designing and implementing business intelligence solutions.
– Traditional BI and big Dataprojects with the use of Microsoft Power BI since 2016.
– 7 years of big data consulting and implementation practice.
– Competencies in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and image analysis.
– Deep expertise in 23 industries, including: manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, energy and others.

Why Choose Us?

With a team of experts from 15 to more than 20 years of experience and software development in many countries around the world such as: USA / UK / France / China / Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia … Along with analytical technology solutions Advanced, we will help your business:

  • Analyze and advise the steps of the most suitable digital transformation application for each development stage.
  • Build data models (Data Model) and optimize business processes, in improving the performance of production and business operations.
  • Know how your business will continue to be relevant to prospective customers?

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