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  • Attractive income, competitive salary and bonus according to ability
  • Bonus on Holidays, New Year (according to the banking policy in each period)
  • Receive preferential loans according to the banking policy in each period
  • Attractive leave regime according to job rank
  • Compulsory insurance under labor law
  • Participating in training courses depends on the Training Framework for each position
  • Working time: from Monday – Friday / off letter 7, Sunday
  • A dynamic, friendly working environment with many opportunities to learn, train, learn and develop; participate in many interesting cultural activities (competitions about sports, talents, teambuiding activities …)

Open Positions

Job Description

  • – Identify, analyze, statistically and interpret data trends or data formats, especially about administrative financial data.
  • – Using statistical models and analyzing structured and unstructured data to develop reporting, statistics and trend prediction.
  • – Use visual tools and techniques to create reports, charts, presentations to describe data into information and represent information that serves the specific needs of requesting parties such as sales/major.
  • – Receive and clarify requirements for analyzing, reporting, and statistics data from the business / professional department. Coordinate with the solution analysis department to provide relevant advice, plans and technical solutions.
  • – Perform other jobs as required by the room or block.

Job requirement

Academic level:
University graduate or higher majors: Information technology, electronics and telecommunications, computer science, computer science, banking, finance at prestigious universities at home and abroad.

At least 01 year of experience working as a data analyst in technology companies or / and in the fields of banking, insurance, finance, payment intermediaries, fintech, etc. Or / and have participated in research / research projects on data analysis using machine learning / artificial intelligence technology.

Professional capacity:

  • Having knowledge of legal regulations related to the assigned professional field.
  • Have a general understanding of the organizational structure, functions, duties and operating procedures of the departments / divisions.
  • Having an understanding of the company’s strategic goals and development plans from time to time.
  • Professional knowledge and expertise to be assigned.
  • Ability to perform jobs to ensure compliance with the Company’s procedures / regulations in accordance with the law.
  • Ability to handle newly arising jobs.
  • Ability to contribute opinions, give advice on solutions for data analysis, reporting, statistics, trend prediction models, etc.
  • Ability to self-study to improve professional capacity.
  • There is a creative ability.

Work skill:

  • Ability to work in English.
  • Ability to proficient use of office equipment / facilities to serve the work.
  • Communicate and cooperate effectively with internal and external customers during the implementation of related work.
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships
  • Ability to work in groups well, always towards the goals and common interests of the Company.
  • Persuasive negotiation skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Have positive, logical thinking.
  • Ability to analyze information, synthesize reports on related professional expertise.

Attitude / Behavior:

  • Having good ideas, good moral qualities, honesty, healthy lifestyle.
  • Comply with the internal regulations of the Company, regulations of the State and regulations of the customers who are using the data analysis service of the Company.
  • Working style and professional behavior.
  • Enthusiastic, enthusiastic in participating in movement activities, collectives.

Job description

  • – Extract, process and store financial data for the preparation of monthly / quarterly / 6-month / year financial management reports or arising administrative financial reports as required.
  • – Performing financial analysis operations including market analysis, competitors, overall business situation and participating in the preparation of periodic full management financial reports and financial management reports. multi-dimensional thematic
  • – Implement proactive consulting based on analysis and judgment on financial indicators and business activities for customers as required.
  • – Regularly, periodically review to propose proposals / solutions to improve the corporate recognition mechanism including, but not limited to, the revenue, cost, risk provisioning mechanism, …
  • – Perform work to support business planning as required by management

Job requirement

Academic level:
Bachelor degree or higher in economics / finance, banking / accounting / auditing.

At least 2 years of experience working in financial analysis, business operations management, accounting and management in organizations and enterprises.

Professional capacity:

  • Basic understanding of financial or data models, basic reporting techniques and tools for preliminary / fundamental analysis, data source generation and reporting standards.
  • The candidates have experience working in credit institutions is an advantage.

Work skill:

  • Proficient in computational software, data analysis, microsoft office tools
  • Proficient with database systems (SQL server, Oracle … Have good sales skills and a list of suitable potential customers.
  • Analysis & synthesis skills

Other capacities:

  • The ability to quickly grasp work, manage, arrange and handle work scientifically
  • Ability to work independently, good teamwork coordination
  • Ability to communicate, negotiate, and persuade well
  • Ability to work planning, have a high sense of responsibility at work

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