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Investment Management

Our Investment (Investment Activities)

We look for investment opportunities in startups with high growth potential, with profit growth not yet recognized by most other investors; in particular, those companies that have been successful in turning things around or are potential partners for mergers and acquisitions.
We look for these companies through our extensive network and regular meetings with many partner companies. We thoroughly fundamentally analyze each company’s governance, financial situation, operations, customers, and corporate governance.

Investment Strategy

Our investment team reviews extremely thoroughly before making recommendations to the Independent Investment Council. In addition to the fundamental analysis, the investment suite meets privately with the company’s leaders, thereby:

  • Evaluate business capabilities and governance
  • Get an assessment of the company’s commitment, capacity and growth potential
  • Evaluate how the company does business
  • Review office and operating status
  • Research the management approach and the independent audit firm

Why Choose Us?

With a team of experts from 15 to more than 20 years of experience and software development in many countries around the world such as: USA / UK / France / China / Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia … Along with analytical technology solutions Advanced, we will help your business:

  • Analyze and advise the steps of the most suitable digital transformation application for each development stage.
  • Build data models (Data Model) and optimize business processes, in improving the performance of production and business operations.
  • Know how your business will continue to be relevant to prospective customers?

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